We love picky eaters. We love foodies. We love vegetarians. We love health freaks. “Is there any dessert?” We love them too. We love the ones who call. We even love the ones who order. We love them all.

“Discover your next Healthy Dish”
Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing lunch box that are healthy, homely and hygienic. These meals are ideal for people who are too busy to cook or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food.

GO HEALTHY! EAT HEALTHY! BE HEALTHY!’ Restaurant service providers have repetitive menus and at times include food items that are often disliked. You either get annoyed but somehow put up with the service or you end up ordering food from your neighbouring food joint which is not really healthy and an expensive affair. At ONE MORE LUNCH, you get to choose whatever you like for your next meal. The menu does not feel repetitive anymore and you have a tasty well balanced affordable meal anywhere in Lahore.

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